Ulefone Armor 12S Review: A Slim Rugged Phone with Powerful 50MP Quad Rear Cameras

Most of today’s rugged smartphones look really “rugged” and are as bulky as a rock. The truth is that while many consumers rely on these phones for heavy work, they still want them to be smaller and lighter. So, is there a rugged phone that looks good for everyday use? The answer is yes.

Ulefone recently announced the launch of the Ulefone Armor 12S, a powerful and rugged device. The 4G version of the Armor 12 is aimed at people who like to be adventurous and travel a lot, and is packed with features and offers great value for money.

Are you interested in a rugged smartphone with 50MP Quad Rear Cameras? The purpose of this article is to present a detailed Ulefone Armor 12S review to understand the various specifications and qualities of a true professional. This may be what you like, so let’s get to know it thoroughly.

Full specifications of the Ulefone Armor 12S

  • RAM: 8GB 
  • ROM: 128GB
  • Weight: Approx. 297g
  • OS: Android 12
  • Power: 5180mAh
  • Support for microSD cards: up to 1TB
  • Screen: 6.52″HD+ (720×1600) 
  • Chipset: MediaTek Helio G99 (MT6789)
  • Front Camera: 16MP
  • Rear Camera: 50MP+8MP+2MP+2MP Triple Rear Camera
  • Certification: P68, IP69K, and MIL-STD-810H
  • Dimensions: 175.9×82.50×14.25 mm

Powerful Camera System

50MP Quad Rear Camera

Armor 12S rugged phone includes a 50 MP camera lens, a 2 MP macro lens, a 2 MP depth of field lens, and an 8 MP wide angle lens. The telephoto lens allows the user to take pictures of distant objects, while the wide-angle lens allows the user to take wide-field photos at a shorter focal length. On the front screen, there is usually a selfie camera and in some cases a wide-angle lens.

An optimized quad rear camera allows you to capture every moment of your life. The 5OMP main camera faithfully captures crisp, detailed photos. Choose from an 8MP wide-angle camera for magnificent landscapes and a 2MP macro lens for close-up shots of still life, while the depth sensor takes your photography to the next level.

8MP Wide Angle Camera

The 8MP wide-angle camera with a 120° ultra-wide field of view allows you to easily capture the grandeur of the prairie, towering buildings, and even masterpieces of cityscapes anytime, anywhere. Stunning cinematic landscape scenes will fully preserve the epic detail you see, making panoramic photography even easier.

2MP Macro Lens & 16MP Selfie Camera

Macro lenses can render tiny objects with incredible detail that is not possible with the naked eye or standard lenses. Every aspect of the world is seen more vividly with a macro lens. The subtleties of a flower and the intricate patterns of an insect are all there for you to see in detail.

Equipped with a 16 MP front-facing camera, it captures finer facial details and produces sharper results. The Al Face Beauty feature further enhances your facial features with a custom solution so you can take even more stunning photos where you’re the center of attention in the shot!

Superfast Charge

With a built-in 5180mAh battery, the Armor 12S gives you a full day of support and eliminates your battery anxiety. Supports 18W wired fast charging and 15W wireless charging. No matter where you go, you don’t need to carry a power source for a day’s journey when fully charged.

This free charger is really great, not only is it a Type C port, but it supports all charging protocols, so almost any device can be charged quickly with it. Normally a charger like this would cost you extra money to buy, uleFone gave it to us for free, what a surprise.


The Helio G99 is the new chipset in MediaTek’s Helio G series, featuring an advanced 6nm production process and gaming performance. Inside the Helio G99, we have an octa-core CPU using 2x Cortex-A76 2.2GHz and 6x Cortex-A55 2.0GHz architecture for fast data processing and a powerful ARM Mali-G57 GPU running at up to 1GHz for superior 3D graphics.

Virtual Memory Expansion: Armor 12S offers up to 13GB of RAM to support running multiple applications simultaneously without lag. Total 8GB of RAM + 5GB of virtual RAM. Virtual memory expansion can be turned on or off in Settings.


This time, Ulefone brings a new rugged smartphone with many high-end specifications. The Armor 12S is a no-compromise choice that covers every angle. With well-thought-out design, performance, photography, and professional features. It looks like a regular triple-rugged phone with no fancy design. But it has powerful camera system, an 18w charging speed, and it has a 6.52-inch HD+ (1600 x 720) LCD display, all of which are its unique benefits.