Oukitel WP20 Pro Review: Ultra Rugged Smartphone, Powerful Features With 6300mAh Battery

The shockproof and ultra-thin Oukitel WP20 Pro smartphone, capable of withstanding all the challenges of the outside environment, is an upgraded version of the WP20 and can now be ordered at an attractive price. Equipped with the same features as its predecessor, the new slim Oukitel WP20 Pro also features a larger battery, impressive screen size, huge storage space, and great internals. Let’s see how the Oukitel WP20 Pro review is!

Features of Oukitel WP20 Pro

  • The Oukitel WP20 Pro has an excellent resistance certificate
  • The phone has a powerful 6300 mAh battery
  • Oukitel WP20 Pro comes with a 5.93-inch HD+ screen
  • Oukitel WP20 Pro has an NFC module and runs on Android 12

Compact design combined with an ultra-rugged body

This smartphone is designed to survive in the harsh and rugged conditions of the outdoors. With an IP68/69K rating and the latest MIL-STD-810H certification, the phone offers protection against water and dust. It can withstand a 1.5-meter drop and can operate under high temperature and pressure. Weighing only 297 grams, the handpiece features a hand-tight notch on the back for light weight and ease of use.

HD Camera & Wide Display

Speaking of cameras, the Oukitel WP20 Pro has a 20MP rear camera. Meanwhile, the front 5MP front camera lets you take sharp and clear photos. Paired with the Oukitel WP20 Pro’s screen, it has a 5.93-inch HD+ display with an 18:9 aspect ratio and a resolution of 720 x 1440 pixels.

Ultra-long battery life

The powerful 6300mAh battery allows users to enjoy long hours of daily use without worrying about the power indicator. The smartphone can work comfortably for its owner in standby mode with 550 hours, 55 hours of calls, and 60 hours of music playback. WP20 Pro also supports OTG, which means it can charge other electronic devices through it as well. The WP20 Pro features a 5.93-inch 720×1440 HD+ display with an 18:9 aspect ratio. The 20MP rear camera and 5MP front-facing camera allow you to capture crisp photos at any time of the day or night, providing unparalleled photo and video quality in any environment.

Updated Interior

The operating system has been updated to the latest version of Android 12.0. With MediaTek Helio A22 octa-core processor with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM, the WP20 Pro always allows users to run various applications smoothly at all times. The WP20 Pro is also designed with convenient NFC and fingerprint unlocking features.

Oukitel WP20 Pro Review: A Durable Smartphone with Powerful Battery And an Attractive Price

Ready for a new rugged monster? The OUKITEL WP20 Pro is an upgraded version of the rugged WP20, now available for sale at an attractive price. It comes with the same features as its predecessor, such as a lightweight body, large battery capacity, and a large screen. But WP20 Pro brings a major upgrade with more storage space and superior hardware. Let’s see how the Oukitel WP20 Pro review is!

It goes without saying that the Oukitel WP smartphone series is designed to bring inexpensive but performance-oriented devices to adventurous people. Budget phones offer value for money with flagship features. The latest Oukitel WP20 is certainly an upgrade from the previous Oukitel WP18 in terms of processing, storage, photography, and of the course power range. Some of the key highlights of the Oukitel WP20 Pro review include:

  • Android 12 OS
  • 6300mAh Battery
  • 5.93” HD+ Display
  • MediaTek Helio A22 SoC
  • 4GB/64GB Storage
  • 20MP Dual Camera
  • 5MP Selfie Camera
  • Solid Build and Design
  • MIL-STD-810H
  • NFC and Google Pay

IP8| IP69K | MIL-STD-810H certification

For starters, the WP20 Pro now weighs just 297 grams. It’s typically lighter and more compact than most rugged phones. The back features a beautiful hand-held drop-down design that is comfortable and easy to use. This rugged phone can also withstand any harsh environment. With IP68, IP69K ratings and the latest MIL-STD-810H certification, the rugged WP20 Pro is water, dust, heat or pressure resistant and can withstand drops up to 1.5m in height.

Design and Build

In terms of construction, the new Oukitel WP20 Pro is a rugged and durable device. It uses a premium synthetic rubber layer and a metal frame for a rugged finish. The device has a 5.93-inch display with wide bezels on both sides. You’ll notice the brand logo in the center and a pad that provides extra protection and a comfortable grip. There is also a dual camera mechanism in the upper left corner of the rear panel, while the selfie shooter is placed in the upper bezel. Physically, the Oukitel WP20 Pro phone measures 166x81x15 mm and weighs 297 grams.


With a powerful 6300 mAh battery, you can enjoy long hours of daily use without worrying about running out of power. It provides 550 hours of standby, 55 hours of talk time, and 60 hours of music playback. WP20 Pro also supports the OTG function, which means you can use it to charge your other electronic devices. It brings a solid 5.93-inch HD+ screen with an 18:9 aspect ratio and 720×1440 pixel resolution. The 20 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera also let you capture crisp, clear photos.


A major update is a migration to the latest Android 12. The phone comes with a powerful MediaTek Helio A22 processor paired with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM. WP20 Pro can easily handle all your multitasking needs. And the phone also offers the convenience of NFC and fingerprint unlock.


The device’s screen panel looks powerful, integrating IPS technology with 1440x720p resolution and an 18:9 aspect ratio. The HD+ display measures 5.93 inches diagonally, providing sharper, brighter, and clearer content. The wide viewing angle adds more excitement while consuming visual content. Overall, users will use devices with high-quality screens heavily for media consumption, gaming, and web browsing.