OUKITEL RT2 Review: World’s Super Powerful Rugged Tablet with 20,000mAh Ultra-Large Battery!

Oukitel RT2 is OUKITEL’s new rugged tablet entry into its product line-up. The main selling point of this device is its build, which helps to make it durable and able to withstand certain impacts or conditions other devices will wreck under. But is the all-new RT2 suitable for everyone out there shopping for a new tablet?

Are you interested in a rugged Tablet with Ultra-Large Battery? The purpose of this article is to present a detailed OUKITEL RT2 review to understand the various specifications and qualities of a true professional. This may be what you like, so let’s get to know it thoroughly.

Quick Glance of Oukitel RT2

  • ROM: 128GB in UFS format
  • Weight: Approx. 1030g
  • OS: Android 12
  • Power: 20000mAh with fast charge 33W
  • Screen: 10.1″FHD+ (1200×1920) with IPS Display
  • Chipset: MediaTek Helio MT8788
  • Front Camera: 16MP
  • Rear Camera: 16MP
  • Certification: P68, IP69K, and MIL-STD-810H
  • Dimensions: 249.1 x 167.8 x 17.3mm

Super Long-lasting Battery Capacity

The RT2 model comes with a record 20,000mAh battery, so it can last up to 4-5 weeks in standby mode and up to 6-7 days in active use. In addition, the tablet supports 33W fast charging and 4.5 hours to fully charge. The RT2 tablet is designed for users who need a rugged, reliable, and powerful device. It is IP68, IP69K rated, and MIL-STD-810H military standard certified for splash, sand, and dust resistance, approximately 1.5m drops, and high and low-temperature operation.

Not only because of the physical resistance, but another highlight of the Oukitel RT2 is also the battery. The tablet holds 20,000 mAh for 15 hours of video playback, 15 hours of gaming, and even 900 hours of simple functions. It even supports fast charging with 33 watts of power for hours of the functionality on just one charge.

10.1” FHD Screen and Robust Performance

The tablet features a 10.1-inch FHD+ display that recognizes touch while wearing gloves and displays information clearly in direct sunlight. Having facial recognition will help you unlock your device quickly and easily. OUKITEL RT2 Rugged runs on the Android 12 operating system. The octa-core MediaTek MT8788 processor provides smooth and fast operation. The tablet has 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM. Storage can be easily expanded using a microSD card up to 1 TB.

The device has a fairly wide range of applications: long-distance hiking, scientific research, extreme sports, and for ordinary equipment just working in difficult and dangerous conditions. Don’t miss the opportunity to buy this rugged tablet for your next outdoor adventure.


The Oukitel RT2 features a traditional rugged design that includes a metal chassis and a polycarbonate frame covered with TPU. The rear shell has a sculpted look with rough texturing in key areas to improve grip. The corners have extra cushioning and the polycarbonate housing protrudes a millimeter or two from the surface of the display for additional protection. The monitor has an unspecified brand of scratch-resistant glass.

According to the company, it can withstand a variety of conditions such as shock, drops, low or high temperatures, high and low temperatures, humidity, and other conditions. Certified to IP68 and IP69K, the tablet remains water and dust-resistant. Its pleated military model construction also provides additional rigidity to the physical parts.

Software and Connectivity

The Oukitel RT2 runs on stock Android 12. When we first launched our review unit, it received an OTA update that loaded a Ul that was designed for use on the tablet when interacting with default apps and system settings. With support for automatic screen rotation, you can use the tablet equally well in landscape and portrait modes. Task Manager tiles apps horizontally using options for accessing split screens and accessing app information.

The widget menu offers a list of widgets, wallpaper selection, and two home screen settings – notification dots and Google Discover toggle. The quick settings and notifications design is a classic Android 12 design. RT2 comes preloaded with a very basic set of apps – Phone, Contacts, Messenger, Chrome, Calendar, YouTube, PlayStore, Duo, Assistant, Photos, Play Books, YT Kids, Clock, Voice Recorder, Calculator, FMRadio, File, Flashlight, Toolkit and Meet.

Remote Communication Anywhere

The device features a primary camera with 16 MP resolution and a front-facing camera. The camera on the back of the RT2 takes all photos and videos clearly and vividly and easily scans documents, and the front camera easily takes selfies or video calls. OUKITEL RT2 tablet has a set of wireless modules – dual 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2, and GPS. This cruel device provides good communication in phone mode as well as when browsing websites and communicating on social networks

The device has a fairly wide range of applications: long-distance hiking, scientific research, extreme sports, and ordinary devices just work in difficult and dangerous conditions.


Despite the ubiquity of smartphones in our lives, from time to time we need a device with a larger screen, whether for work, study, or entertainment. An important ally of this device is, of course, the battery. That’s why we’re showing a tablet that combines this portable device with a larger screen and a battery that lasts for days precisely: the Oukitel RT2.