Hotwav is focused on providing reliable and affordable devices and great service to customers all over the world. It has kept its focus on developing and manufacturing rugged mobile devices for outdoor enthusiasts or practitioners, and aims to encourage them to conquer their daily challenges calmly, confidently, and safely. Hotwav currently includes Cyber SeriesW SeriesT Series, etc. Read on to find more! this guide will help you pick the one with the right features for you and at the best price.

Cyber Series- Affordable & Luxury

The Hotwav Cyber Series is sure to surprise customers with its excellent performance as well as being a great option for convenient communication, games, and other purposes without worrying about damage from water, dust, and hard knocks. This rugged phone sports a stout yet stylish back cover that feels premium to the touch giving it a shiny feel. The most hot-selling models are Cyber 7, Cyber 8, as well as Cyber 9 Pro.

W Series- Robust & Budget

The design and build quality of the Hotwav W series is absolutely budget price. It’s essentially just two sheets of toughened glass that are held together by a shiny alloy frame, but it feels absolutely rock solid – although the glossy rear does pick up fingerprints rather easily.  The well-constructed and great performance like W10.

T Series- Latest OS

The Hotwav T Series is the latest device in Hotwav’s robust offering, consisting of devices ideal for those who spend a lot of time outdoors and who need longer battery life, assured connectivity, navigation, and camera features that allow them to capture moments of adventure and impressive natural landscapes. The most hot-selling model is T5 Pro

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HOTWAV W11 6.6” FHD+ NFC Rugged Phone With 8+256G 20800mAh 6400W Pixel 33W Android 13 Mobile Phone

Original price was: USD $ 529.89.Current price is: USD $ 329.89.

HOTWAV R7 Rugged Tablet With 10.1 Inch HD+ Display 6GB RAM+256GB ROM 15600mAh 16MP 8-core Android 13 Tablet

Original price was: USD $ 519.99.Current price is: USD $ 309.89.

HOTWAV Note 13 Pro Smartphone Android 13 5160mAh Mobile Phone

Original price was: USD $ 399.99.Current price is: USD $ 289.99.

HOTWAV Cyber 13 Pro 10800mAh 4G Global Network Rugged Phone

Original price was: USD $ 519.99.Current price is: USD $ 318.99.