Cubot is focused on providing reliable and affordable devices and great service to customers all over the world. It has kept its focus on developing and manufacturing rugged mobile devices for outdoor enthusiasts or practitioners, and aims to encourage them to conquer their daily challenges calmly, confidently, and safely. Cubot currently includes KingKong Series, X Series, Note Series, Pocket Series, etc. Read on to find more! this guide will help you pick the one with the right features for you and at the best price.

KingKong Series- Mid-Budget Rugged Phones

The Cubot KingKong series is especially for people working in special industries like relief workers, soldiers, police, building workers, coal miners, etc. As strong as a gorilla.  Affordable and robust, that is how the Cubot King Kong presents itself. It is a smartphone with an averagely fast SoC in a weighty, water and dust-protected case. This is enough for the tough reality of everyday life. The most hot-selling models are Kingkong 5 Pro, Kingkong 5, Kingkong 7, as well as Kingkong Mini 2.

X Series- Streamlined & Slimline

The design and build quality of the X series is absolutely top-notch. It’s essentially just two sheets of toughened glass that are held together by a shiny alloy frame, but it feels absolutely rock solid – although the glossy rear does pick up fingerprints rather easily.  The well-constructed and great performance like X50X30.

Note Series- Entry-level Smartphone

Cubot Note Series is an entry-level smartphone for folks on budget who want to pride themselves on having a smartphone. The bestseller is Note 7. And Note 9 and Note 20 are also in great demand with HD+ waterdrop Screen and 6000mAh battery.

Pocket Series- Palm Size Smartphone

There are few people who want to buy a small phone as a secondary phone to use for work, so Cubot Pocket Series comes with one of the most compact Android smartphones.  Despite its size, this small cell phone comes with a 4-inch notch-free screen that will not be larger than the palm of your hand and contains all the basic functions of a modern smartphone with some decent features including NFC. The most hot-selling models are Cubot Pocket and Kingkong Mini 2 Pro.

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Cubot Kingkong 9 Android 13 Night Vision Rugged Smartphone

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Cubot Kingkong Power Night Vision Rugged Phone

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CUBOT Kingkong Star Dual 5G Android 13.0 10600mAh Rugged Smartphone

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