AGM has kept its focus on developing and manufacturing rugged mobile devices for outdoor enthusiasts or practitioners, and aims to encourage them to conquer their daily challenges calmly, confidently, and safely. AGM currently includes G Series, X Series, H Series, M Series, etc. Read on to find more! this guide will help you pick the one with the right features for you and at the best price.

G Series- High End

The AGM G series is especially for people working in special industries like relief workers, soldiers, police, building workers, coal miners, etc. The most hot-selling models are Glory G1 Pro, Glory G1, Glory SE, as well as Glory G1S.

X Series- Middle End

AGM X Series are becoming prominent with the inception of new useful features for the users working in heavy-duty industries and adventurers who often travel to far-flung places.

H Series- Massive Battery

AGM H Series is equipped with a powerful battery capacity of 10000mAh+ unit. The Bestsellers are AGM H5 which features a 7000mAh battery. And AGM H5 Pro and is also in great demand.

M Series- Budget Smartphone

The Ulefone Note series on these phones are more than good as cheap smartphones focused on daily use and playing games with medium settings.

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