Welcome to Bestrugged!! On this page, you would buy Ulefone Rugged products. Ulefone currently includes Armor Series, Armor X Series, Power Armor Series, Note Series, Tab Series, etc. Mostly, Armor Series rugged phones are high-end products of Ulefone. Then Armor X is the middle-end rugged smartphone from Ulefone, which are cost-effective. Power Armor Series is the Unmatched Big Battery fashion Rugged Phone. The Note Series is the low-end mobile phone of Ulefone which mostly cost little. As the Tab Series, it is a series of cost-effective tablets pushed by Ulefone. Read on to find more! this guide will help you pick the one with the right features for you and at the best price.

Armor Series- High End

The Ulefone Armor series is especially for people working in special industries like relief workers, soldiers, police, building workers, coal miners, etc. The most hot-selling models are Armor 12, Armor 11t, Armor 11, as well as Armor 8 pro.

Armor X Series- Middle End

Ulefone Armor X Series are becoming prominent with the inception of new useful features for the users working in heavy-duty industries and adventurers who often travel to far-flung places. The Most hot-selling models are Armor X10 pro, Armor X10, and Armor X9 pro.

Power Armor Series- Massive Battery

Ulefone Power Armor Series is equipped with a powerful battery capacity of 10000mAh+ unit. The Bestsellers are Power armor 13 which features a 13200mAh battery. And Power Armor 14 and Power Armor 14 Pro are also in great demand.

Note Series- Budget Smartphone

The Ulefone Note series on these phones are more than good as cheap smartphones focused on daily use and playing games with medium settings. The most hot-selling models are Note 13P, Note 12P, and Note 11P.

Tab Series- Cost Effective

Tab Series offers people the enter-level models like Ulefone Tab A7, whose most notable feature is the capacity to incorporate two Nano-SIM cards with which you can access 4G networks.

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Ulefone Power Armor 18 Ultra Rugged Phone 9600mAh Battery Android 13 5G Phone

Original price was: USD $ 839.99.Current price is: USD $ 489.99.

Ulefone Power Armor 18T Ultra 9600mAh Android 13 Rugged Phone

Original price was: USD $ 929.99.Current price is: USD $ 639.99.

Ulefone Armor Pad 2 Rugged Tablet 18600mAh Android 13 4G Tablet PC

Original price was: USD $ 699.99.Current price is: USD $ 459.99.

Ulefone Armor 24 22000mAh Rugged Phone with Microscope

Original price was: USD $ 599.99.Current price is: USD $ 455.99.

Ulefone Armor 24 22000mAh Rugged Phone with Endoscope

Original price was: USD $ 599.99.Current price is: USD $ 455.99.

Ulefone Armor 24 22000mAh Rugged Phone with Armor Holster

Original price was: USD $ 629.99.Current price is: USD $ 445.99.

Ulefone Armor X12 Pro Android 13 Dual 4G Rugged Phone

Original price was: USD $ 289.99.Current price is: USD $ 245.99.

If you work outdoors or lead an active lifestyle, you need a hard-working phone that can keep up with you.

It can be tough for your phone to withstand the occasional knocks and blows a busy lifestyle brings. But if you’re after a device that can take on demanding conditions and deal with water, dust, heat and drops, these are the kind of features which you should look for.


Why You Need a Rugged Phone

There are tons of reasons why you might be looking for a rugged phone. Perhaps you work on building sites, maybe you love rock climbing or kayaking, maybe you’re just clumsy and would prefer a phone that’s going to stand the test of time (and a few drops). A rugged phone will be exactly that, rugged. It should survive being dropped, falling in water, and being covered in dust or sand.

Having said that, up until quite recently opting for a rugged phone meant making huge compromises when it came to performance. Thankfully, this is no longer the case and there’s now a wide range of robust smartphones for every budget, and they can all take a beating and then some!

What Do I Need to Think About Before Buying?

There are really four things that make a rugged phone rugged, so that’s four things that should be at the forefront of your mind when shopping:

  • Waterproof Rating: The fact that a rugged phone should be waterproof is a no-brainer. Rugged phones come with an IP rating (“ingress protection”) which looks something like this: IP 68. That second number (the 8 in this case) tells you how waterproof the phone is. You’re looking for at least a 7 (can be submerged in water of 1 metre for thirty minutes), but even better an 8 (can be submerged in over a metre of water for over thirty minutes).
  • Dustproof Rating: You also want your phone to be dustproof, since allowing sand, dust or dirt into your mobile is rather obviously going to affect performance. The first number in an IP rating (the 6 in our example of IP 68) tells you how dustproof your mobile is. You’re looking for a 6, nothing else. A 6 indicates that the mobile is completely dustproof and won’t allow any specks inside.
  • Shock Resistance: You want to be able to drop your phone, which means you’re looking for something shock resistant. Unfortunately, there’s no standard rating that indicates this. However, shockproof phones are generally advertised as such, look for something like “military grade standard” to indicate that a phone is really shockproof.
  • Shatterproof: A touchscreen phone can seem like a gamble if you’re looking for something rugged, but modern materials mean that in most cases that screen should be fine. You’re looking for a mobile that has Gorilla Glass (preferably Gorilla Glass 5, though 3 is also fine) to indicate that the screen is solid.

What Features Should I Be Looking For?

On top of the four big things above, there are a few other specialized features that, depending on your needs, you might want to keep an eye out for:

  • Glove Touch: A touch screen is pretty awesome, but not if you have to take off your work gloves every time you use your phone. Look out for mobiles that will register touch through gloves or material.
  • Bezel Style: A good rugged phone will have a raised bezel or “frame” around the screen, because this protrudes above the screen itself it helps to protect that display in case you drop your phone.
  • SOS Button: If you’re planning on using your phone out in the wilderness or whilst doing something like rock climbing, an SOS button may be an advantage. This connects directly to emergency services giving your location, meaning help will arrive faster should you need it.
  • PTT: PTT or “Push To Talk” is a setting or button that allows your phone to act as a walkie talkie. Depending on what you plan on doing with your mobile, this could be a features that’s a selling point for you.

How We Selected Our BestRugged Top Models

Hold up a second, before we get to those recommendations, let us first tell you how exactly we went about choosing them. We had a few basic things that we were looking for. Firstly, we wanted true rugged phones, so those that were specifically designed to be rugged rather than “active” or “rugged” forms of more traditional phones (these tend not to be robust enough for the kinds of customers we’re helping here). We obviously looked at specs and price as well, looking to get a good balance of performance and affordability.

Once the basics were handled we looked at customer reviews and feedback so that we could be assured that there were no flaws we’d overlooked. Those reviews also gave us a better idea of how reliable a phone was over time. And finally, we spend most of our time around mobile users, developers, sales people, tech developers, and the kinds of people that use and test mobiles every day, so we took some professional advice into account as well!


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