Welcome to Bestrugged!! On this page, you would buy Doogee Rugged products. Doogee Rugged products are mainly divided into four Series, which are the S Series, V Series, X Series, and N Series. Its S and V models are characterized by their reinforced casings and reinforced glass screens, guaranteeing greater protection against knocks and falls. The X and N models are more aimed at budget phones. Find more, this guide will help you pick the one with the right features for you and at the best price.

S and V, Ultra-rugged, Ruggedized Smartphones

S Series: mostly, they are rugged phones and high-end products of Doogee. The most hot-selling models are the S98, S97 Pro, S96 Pro, as well as S59 Pro. In addition, they had great quality and wide use.

V series: They are 5G Rugged smartphones with great configurations. For example V20, and V10. Doogee‘s rugged phones are characterized by their special features, from laser rangefinder to thermal imaging, they have it all.

X and N: Budget Price

X series: Their previous model the X series met with a positive response being praised as durable and reliable at an amazingly cheap price.  For example X96 pro, X93.

N series: The Doogee N series compete in a rather saturated market of mid-range smartphones where the specifications/price ratio is taken to its highest levels. The most hot-selling model is the N40 Pro.

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