Welcome to Bestrugged!! On this page, you would buy 5G Explosion Proof Atex Rugged Phones. We currently include Conquest S20 Atex & S21 Atex. 5G Explosion Proof Rugged Phones have become an essential tool for many hazardous area workers over the last decade. They have been used to communicate with each other and keep workers safe while in some of the most extreme environments in the world. More recently, large companies in the oil and gas, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries are looking to take advantage of big data and smarter ways of working, to do this they are looking toward smartphones to provide a competitive advantage. Read on to find more! this guide will help you pick the one with the right features for you and at the best price.

Definition of “5G Explosion-Proof”

The EX seal identifies explosion-proof equipment and is a safety strategy adopted for hazardous areas. It is one of the pioneering safety strategies, but its operation still generates curiosity. What defines equipment as Ex-proof is the enclosure that can resist explosion and prevent damage in your hazardous location. An explosion can create pressure inside an equipment enclosure. This pressure can dissipate more sparkles and cause an even worse accident. To ensure that the equipment is Ex-proof is required to be certified for the proper safety regulations like NEC, NFPA, UL, and others.

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Conquest S20 Atex Explosion-proof 5G Rugged Smartphone

USD $ 1,325.99USD $ 1,385.99
Conquest S20 Atex Explosion-proof 5G Rugged Phone with ATEX Zone1 / 2 Night Version IP68 Waterproof 8000mAh Massive Battery Android 1148GB+128GB 6.3-inch FHD+ Display Global Version Mobile Phones 4 Navigation Systems NFC Infrared Remote Smartphone

Conquest S21 Atex Explosion-proof Daul 5G Unlocked Rugged Phone

USD $ 980.99
CONQUEST S21 Atex Rugged Phone Comes with Zone1/Zone2 certificated explosion-proof Dual 5G Global Bands IR Thermometer Android 11 5.7 -inch FHD+ Display 8GB+128GB 4400mAh Battery Smartphone Dimensity 700 Processor IP68 Waterproof 48MP Rear Camera NFC Mobile Phone