Broader Vision: Large Screen Rugged Phones

A big-screen phone makes it easier to read if you need to bump up the size, offers a larger keyboard when typing, and a better experience when viewing pictures or video. Bigger screen phones also have larger batteries, so you’ll need to charge them less frequently. It’s very possible to get a full day’s use out of a big-screen phone before you have to plug it in.

Your smartphone is the one piece of technology you’re likely to keep on you at all times, and may even be your primary computer, camera, or communications device. If that’s the case, and you’re due for an upgrade, you should consider getting a phone with the largest screen possible. Yes, you give up some portability (and comfort if you tend to wear tighter pants), but the benefits are equally enticing.

Ulefone Armor 12 5G Rugged Phone for Sale

USD $ 409.99USD $ 429.99
Ulefone Armor 12, 5G Global Version with 6.52 inch Big Screen 8GB+128GB 5180mAh Wireless Charging 48MP Quad Cameras NFC MTK Dimensity 700

Rugged Phone Screens Explained

  • What is an LCD Display?

LCD means Liquid Crystal Display, and its name refers to the array of liquid crystals illuminated by a backlight, and their ubiquity and relatively low cost make them a popular choice for smartphones and many other devices. LCDs also tend to perform quite well in direct sunlight, as the entire display is illuminated from behind, but does suffer from potentially less accurate color representation than displays that don’t require a backlight.

  • IPS Displays

IPS technology (In-Plane Switching) solves the problem that the first generation of LCD displays experienced, which adopts the TN (Twisted Nematic) technique: where color distortion occurs when you view the display from the side – an effect that continues to crop up on cheaper smartphones and tablets.

  • AMOLED Displays

AMOLED stands for Active Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode. While this may sound complicated it actually isn’t. We already encountered the active matrix in TFT LCD technology, and OLED is simply a term for another thin-film display technology. OLED is an organic material that, as the name implies, emits light when a current is passed through it. As opposed to LCD panels, which are back-lit, OLED displays are ‘always off’ unless the individual pixels are electrified.

  • What is the difference between HD, HD+, FullHD, 4K, etc?

Resolution describes the number of individual pixels (or points) displayed on the screen and is usually presented for phones by the number of horizontal pixels — vertical when referring to TVs and monitors. More pixels on the same display allow for more detailed images and clearer text. To make it easier to compare different models, brands usually adopt the same naming scheme made popular by the TV market with terms like HD, FullHD, and UltraHD. But with phones adopting a wide range of different screen proportions, just knowing that is not enough to know the total pixels displayed on the screen.


What Are the Best Large Screen Rugged Phones?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best big-screen phones for you; below are the most important ones, which we considered while we were researching this list.

1. Screen Size

The whole point of getting a big-screen phone is the size of its display. We’ve chosen smartphones with at least a six-inch screen, with some options being closer to seven. These are definitely two-handed devices but will give you an almost tablet-like experience when you use them.

2. Battery

If your phone is dead, all of its impressive features are irrelevant. Long, reliable battery life is therefore key when researching smartphones. Battery size is measured in mAh, with high-end batteries clocking in at about 3500-5000mAh.

3. Storage

Between pictures, videos, contacts, and apps, your phone’s storage should be a top priority. Our picks have a minimum of 64GB — enough to hold thousands of songs and pictures or dozens of hours of HD video — but many come with 128GB. If you record a lot of 4K video, you may want to consider getting a phone with even more storage.

4. Camera

Cameras have become a key factor in smartphone differentiation because we all want to take great pictures (and selfies). Cameras are rated based on the number of megapixels (MP) they capture. Some also have added technology for night photography, zooming, portraits and so on. All of the phones on our list may be small in size, but they all pack powerful photography features.

Oukitel WP17 for sale

    Recommended Large Screen Proof Rugged Phones Prodcuts For You

    Oukitel WP21 9800mAh Massive Battery 12GB RAM+256GB ROM 4G Global Version Rugged Phone

    USD $ 459.89
    Oukitel WP21 4G Rugged Phone 9800mAh Huge Battery 6.78'' HD+ Display 20MP Night Vision Cameras Face Unlock Latest Android 12 OS MediaTek Helio G99 Octa-Core Processor NFC and Google Pay
    In Stock, Coupon Code: BEST

    Ulefone Power Armor 18T 5G Global Version Thermal Imaging Rugged Phone

    USD $ 659.99USD $ 699.99
    Ulefone Power Armor 18T Global Version 5G Rugged Phone comes with 108MP Ultra High-Resolution Camera Android 12 9600mAh Massive Battery and 6.58" FHD+ Display MediaTek Dimensity 900 Processor
    Coupon Code: BEST

    Ulefone Armor 17 Pro 108MP Pro-Grade Main Camera 6.58” FHD+ Display 4G Global Version Rugged Phone

    USD $ 439.99USD $ 489.99
    Ulefone Armor 17 Pro Global Version 4G Rugged Phone comes with 108MP Pro-Grade Main Camera Android 12 5380mAh Battery and 6.58" FHD+ Display MediaTek Helio G99 Processor
    Coupon Code: BEST

    HOTWAV W10 Pro 15000mAh Ultra-Large Battery Dual 4G Rugged Phone(NOT FOR AMERICA)

    USD $ 299.89
    HOTWAV W10 Pro 4G Rugged Phone 6.53-inch HD+ Incell Screen Android 12 OS Fingerprint Unlocked IP68 & IP69K & MIL-STD-810H Waterproof  4 Navigation Systems Cell Phone
    Coupon Code: BEST

    Blackview BV7100 4G Unlock 6.583″ Display 13000mAh Massive Battery Rugged Phone(NOT FOR AMERICA)

    USD $ 349.99
    Blackview BV7100 Rugged Phone 13000mAh Battery 33W Fast Charge 6GB + 128GB Doke OS 3.0 Android 12 6.583 Inch FHD+ Waterdrop Display MediaTek Helio G85(MT6769Z) Octa Core Processor

    UMIDIGI BISON X10 NFC 6150mAh Massive Battery 4G Global Version Rugged Phone

    USD $ 199.99
    UMIDIGI BISON X10 NFC 4G Rugged Phone 16MP AI Triple Camera Stock Android 11 OS Two Independent Customizable Buttons Unisoc T310 Quad-core Processor

    UMIDIGI BISON X10 6.53″ HD+ Full Screen 4G Global Version Rugged Phone

    USD $ 179.99
    UMIDIGI Bison X10 4G Rugged Phone 6150mAh Massive Battery 6.53" Large Full-Screen Unisoc T310 Processor Stock Android 11 16MP AI Triple Camera

    AGM Glory G1 Pro 5G Global Version Thermal Imaging Camera Rugged Phone

    USD $ 898.99
    AGM Glory G1 Pro 5G Rugged Phone Industry-leading Thermal camera 6200 mAh Arctic Battery 6.53inch FHD+ Display Android 11 OS Qualcomm Snapdragon 480 Octa-Core Processor  NFC Cell Phone

      3 Top Large Screen Proof Rugged Phones Recommend

      Ulefone Power Armor 13: The Best Large Screen Rugged Phone

      Design And Build Quality

      The design in the Ulefone Power Armor 13 is beautiful, and elegant, it features a large screen on the front of 6.81 inches, and on the back, a high-quality synthetic rubber layer that gives it an appearance of solid and durable. with a length of 183.7mm and a width of 85.38mm with a solid metal frame and with rubber cushions to suck the impact and give a kind of thickness of 20.8mm a wonderful feeling when held in your hand, despite its weight of 491.9g and yes its very heavy, But it’s acceptable in a durable phone, its performance is worth it.


      The Ulefone Power Armor 13 is covered by high-quality synthetic rubber and rated with IP68 and IP69K, which means it is dust-resistant, scratch-resistant, shock- and drop-resistant, and water-resistant up to 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes. Moreover, it can withstand high pressure and high-temperature washing test, and withstand high water pressure and 70°C high water temperature.

      Display Quality

      It will most likely be an LCD IPS screen, and that’s what the Ulefone Power Armor 13 offers, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad, because it’s a big 6.81 inches FHD for the best user experience, its really good for daily use, online browsing, social media and so on. And with 20:9 aspects ratio makes it difficult to grip with one hand added to the rather pronounced weight, this size may be a problem for some.

      WP15: Best Large Screen Rugged Phone

      Extraordinary Battery Capacity – 15600mAh

      This 5G rugged phone has an immense battery capacity which holds 15600 mAh power inside the indestructible shell, and this is the first and the biggest battery beast that has ever been released in the 5G field. Rapid charge 18W input is also featured. In the meanwhile, it supports reverse-charging your other devices. No need to worry about any kind of situation appearing on your journey.

      48MP Main Camera

      The front of the device features an 8MP AI selfie camera. The rear-embedded 48MP Sony AF main camera allows you to capture all the perfect scenes on your journey. A 2MP Macro Camera and a 0.3 Virtual Camera are also mounted, giving you the joy of your leisure entertainment even if you just want to make a portrait. In addition, the beauty mode can be applied on all the cameras just for your pretty selfies.

      6.52 inch HD+ IPS Display

      WP15 meets the IP68 and IP69K ratings which means it is both dust-proof and water-proof at the same time. It also passed standard military tests to achieve the MIL-STD-810G certification. Regarding applications, some of the awesome apps are pre-installed such as APP Freezer, ChildMode, Toolbag, etc…

      OUKITEL WP10: Most Affordable 5G Large Screen Rugged Phone

      • Big Battery

      Oukitel boasts superior battery tech compared to other rugged phone manufacturers. They proved this point by powering WP10 5G with an 8000mAh battery. The power is enough for up to 48 hours of uninterrupted use. It also supports 18W fast charging, which means the battery can be fully charged in under 3 hours. The 5G network requires more power, with Oukitel WP10 5G, you can extend that outdoor activity without fear of running out of power.

      • Large Display

      Oukitel WP10 features a 6.67-inch FHD+ hole-punch Gorilla Corning Glass display. The resolution is 2340 x 1080 pixels with an aspect ratio of 20:9. Fulfilling the need to provide the best gaming and video viewing experience for users.

      • Other Features

      Oukitel WP10 5G is a feature-rich modular phone. Aside from the massive battery, large, immersive displays, and 5G network, this oukitel rugged phone model comes with many more features such as support for NFC, glove mode, underwater camera mode, Bluetooth 5.0, and support for fingerprint and face ID unlock.

        The Frequency Asked Questions of Large Screen Rugged Phones

        FAQ About Large Screen Rugged Phones ?

        Underwater mode disables the touch screen and the three buttons at the bottom of the screen. All menus of this interface are the default menu of the camera mode. If you need to adjust, please exit the underwater shooting mode and adjust it in the normal mode.

        Yes, it has an sd card slot

        • Dual time slot data transmission
        • Dual-channel/Support relay station
        • 4WNVHF(136- 174MHz)/
        • 350 MHzNHF(136-1 74MHz)
        • UHF(400-4Z0MHz)

        It depends on your local carriers .

        There are a number of contributing factors which can affect the audio performance of your device:

        The most common cause of poor sound quality is water in the microphone or speaker.

        If the handset has been subject to immersion in water then the microphone and speaker may need to dry out to resume normal functionality.

        You, or the other person you are speaking with, maybe in an area of poor signal. Try moving to a different area.

        You may have dirt/debris covering the microphone or speaker. If so, clean your device.

        Check your order status or check it through 

        The phone works fine, I have not had any problems running any apps.

        This message may appear if your device does not recognize the SIM card.

        Make sure that you have correctly inserted the SIM card.

        Clean the metal side of the SIM card with a dry cloth.

        If the SIM card still not being recognized, please contact your Network provider to ensure the SIM card has been enabled or to check if they have any further instructions.

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