How can I create an account at

Signing up for a BestRugged account is quick and easy. Click here to get started. Newly registered customers are rewarded with 20 Points and surprising coupons.

How Do I Place An Order ?

To place your order, select the item(s) that you wish to purchase and add it to your shopping cart. Then, proceed to the checkout page where you must fill in your personal information and pay for the order. Make sure to double check that you have filled in your details correctly to ensure that you receive all the necessary info and that your order is delivered without any complications.

Can I order without a credit card?

At this time, only accepts credit cards or PayPal for payment. You may link your bank account to PayPal and be able to pay without using a credit card. However, does not accept cash or check payments.

Where Is My Package ?

After your order has shipped, you will receive an automated email with tracking information. Please note, it can take 24 hours for the tracking to become active.

You can also track your package before it ships under “Order Status.”

Can I view your price list/catalog?

Absolutely. You can get the price list/catalog by contacting your sales manager or browsing our inventory directly at There, you’ll find even more products to choose from, plus product images.

What happens after I complete my order?

First you will receive an email order confirmation. When the order has shipped, you will receive an update with shipping/tracking information.

How quickly will I receive my order?

BestRugged usually ships most orders within 2 business days, and most orders should be delivered within 7-10 business days. Final delivery timeline depends on the delivery address, Please check detail here : Shipping Time>

Will I be charged with customs and taxes?

The customs fee is charged by local customs, depending on the declared value of the order.

What is your Warranty Policy?

We provide 2years warranty for all of our products,For our detailed Warranty Policy, please visit our Warranty & Returns page. We ensure our customers are satisfied with their orders. If your product fails or malfunctions, we will refund or replace the defective units. You need to provide photos of the damaged/malfunctioning products to start the refund/replacement process. Once we receive the returned items, we will confirm the product’s issue and arrange for a refund or replacement.

What information do I need to provide for an order?

In order to process your order we require the following information:

  1. Catalog code(s), size, and quantity of the product(s) you want to order
  2. Your shipping and billing addresses
  3. Phone number – in case we need to contact you quickly in regards to your order
  4. Email address – for order confirmation and invoice
  5. Payment method – All orders placed directly through our online ordering system require credit card payment. Payment options for orders placed by email, fax, or telephone include credit card or an authorized purchase order number. Pre-payment may be required prior to shipping in certain territories and/or for orders with a large dollar value.
Can I use my own shipping agent/service?

Yes. We can ship your products to your agent, or they can pick the order up at our warehouse. Just provide your shipping agent’s contact information, and we’ll take it from there!

What is the currency used by the website?

We accept the U.S. Dollar, British Pound, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Euro, Swiss Franc, Hong Kong Dollar, Indian Rupee, Russian Ruble, Brazilian Real, Danish Krone, Swedish Krona, Norwegian Krone, Mexican Peso, and Czech Koruna. You can select your currency of choice at the top of each page, as shown by the picture below :

I decided I want a different product. Can I change my order?

a.For orders not shipped yet: Yes, you can revise your order. Please contact your sales manager and confirm the product(s) you’d like to replace in your order, as well as the new item and quantity you’d like.
b.For orders that have already shipped: I’m so sorry, your order has already been delivered to the shipping agent, so we’re not able to update the products in your order.

Is the product in stock?

We strive to maintain sufficient inventory to meet your needs. In the rare case that a product is out of stock, you will be notified at the time of your order. We will then do everything we can to ensure that your order is fulfilled within 30 days. You will not be charged until your order has shipped.

I forgot some items, can you add them to my original order?

a.As long as you submit your request prior to shipping, we’d be happy to add items to your original order. Simply provide your sales manager with the item(s) and quantity you’d like to add to your order. Please note: Your shipping fee will increase, as will your total bill, to reflect these additional products. We will try to the best of our ability to send your order out as it was originally scheduled.
b.If your products have already shipped, we unfortunately can no longer add to that order.

Can I change the shipping address?

If your order has not shipped yet, you can contact your sales manager to update your desired shipping address in our system.

Can you send me a packing list and invoice for customs?

Of course! Please contact your sales manager. We’ll send you the requested documents as soon as possible.

Will I have issues with customs?

We have clients from all over the world and typically have no issue with our products getting through customs. However, we can’t 100% guarantee anything, as customs policies of any country may change. If your order gets stuck at customs, we will try our best to assist in getting it through.

My order has been in customs for 3 days. What should I do?

Don’t worry, this is normal for a customs inspection. An employee of your designated shipping company should contact you if any additional documentation is required. Contact your sales manager, and we’ll send you the relevant documents as soon as possible.

I'm not happy with the quality of part of my order. What should I do now?

We’re sorry to hear that. Please contact your sales manager and provide proof of damaged or defective products (such as pictures). We will assist you with a return and refund. Once we receive the returned products and confirm their defectiveness, we will send you a new replacement product or a refund. We’re sorry for this inconvenience, and we’ll be sure to more thoroughly check all products prior to shipping on future orders.

I want to reorder a product, but it's out of stock or can't be found on the website. What should I do?

We’re sorry this product is currently unavailable. Please contact your sales manager, and provide the product information and number of units you’d like to order. You can also click here to submit a product information form. We’ll do our best to get you your desired product!

How Do I Cancel My Order ?

If the order payment status is “Pending”, you can contact us to help you to change it to “Canceled”

If the order has already been paid but is not shipped out yet, you can contact us to cancel the order and get a full refund.

If the order has already been sent out, we cannot help you to cancel the order. You may choose to send back the unopened products after you’ve received

them and we will refund the money upon our receipt of the returned item(s).

How do I reorder a product?

Reordering a product is easy at BESTRUGGED. You can either place a new order through your account (if you have one) or contact your sales manager to assist you in placing a new order. Simply provide the specific product you’d like to reorder and the number of units you’d like.

How do I contact customer service?

You can contact our customer service team via: Email: