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Unihertz Tank Review: 22000mAh Battery Monster Rugged Phone with 108MP Main and 20MP IR Night Vision Cameras

Unihertz continues to focus on providing efficient and durable cell phones for professionals and active outdoor users. The company’s latest phone is the Unihertz Tank – a rugged phone with military-grade protection, a bright flashlight, a large battery, and even an infrared night vision camera. As usual, Unihertz seeks balance and offers an affordable package, but the Unihertz Tank also pushes the limits with the MediaTek Helio G99 (MT6789) processor.

Are you interested in a rugged smartphone with Massive Battery life? The purpose of this article is to present a detailed Unihertz Tank review to understand the various specifications and qualities of a true professional. This may be what you like, so let’s get to know it thoroughly.

Full specifications of the Unihertz Tank

  • RAM: 8GB 
  • ROM: 256GB
  • Weight: Approx. 560g
  • OS: Android 12
  • Power: 22000mAh(66W Fast charging)
  • Screen: 6.81″ (2408×1080) 
  • Chipset: MediaTek Helio G99 (MT6789)
  • Front Camera: 32MP
  • Rear Camera: 108MP+20MP(Night Vision Camera)+2MP Triple Rear Camera
  • Certification: P68, IP69K, and MIL-STD-810H
  • Dimensions: 175.6×85.3×23.9 mm

Long-Lasting Battery Life

The Unihertz Tank has one of the largest built-in non-removable Li-Polymer batteries at 22,000mAh, which is by far the largest battery I’ve ever seen, allowing for 7 days of moderate use such as surfing the web, Google, YouTube and following social media, and of course, less time playing games, but one charge will stay with you for 4 full days using Type-C and 66W Fast charging basically takes 4 hours to fully charge the 22000mAh, very fast and I can say the battery is very good compared to anything else on a rugged phone.

In addition, Tank supports reverse charging, which can come in handy when your smartphone, smartwatch, headphones and other devices are running low on power, allowing you to use it as a rechargeable battery at any time.

Unihertz Tank for sale

Insurmountable Experience

The 22,000mAh battery is the really attractive feature of the Unihertz Tank. This is likely the Shocking behind the phone’s gargantuan size, and what sets it apart from pretty much any other rugged phone in this price range. Playing games and streaming video content, even for hours on end, will barely put a dent in this thing’s battery life. Leaving it idle, even for days on end, will only take off a few measly percentage points. On top of all of that, it recharges incredibly quickly which reaches 66W and few rugged phones could compare with its fast charging.

Unihertz Tank for sale

See in the Dark with Night-Vision

Switch to night vision on the Tank camera and the IR LEDs on the back light up the night. You can take black and white photos in total darkness – it’s insane. In practice, the quality of these photos isn’t great-focusing in the dark is incidental, shutter speeds are slow, and the results are predictable. Nonetheless, they are interesting.

While taking photos in total darkness is novel, the real killer use case for this feature, at least from a wildlife enthusiast’s perspective, is to see in total darkness without using a flashlight or other light source. For example, if you’re hiding before first light, you can find your way around without using light that might scare off wildlife. Or say you’re in place to watch some nocturnal wildlife and need to find something in your pack – just turn on your night vision and rummage around – no flashlight needed.

Android 12-The Most Personal OS for Adventurers

Speaking of software, Tank runs an operating system based on Android 12. The software is fast, intuitive and really feels like the original Android. On the Tank, you can also enjoy all Google services through the pre-installed Google apps. In addition to Google apps, there’s an Outdoor Toolkit on the P10 that includes 12 apps designed for adventure or field work, such as a lead hammer, sound level meter, barometer, and more. This list will provide you with at least one or two useful tools. Surprisingly, the phone also retains FM radio capability. All you need to do is plug in your headphones as an antenna.


High performance is not a top priority for rugged phones due to their fast power consumption, so the Tank uses the MTK G99 platform, an effective chipset to ensure a good balance of adequate performance and good battery life. While it couldn’t match the results of regular phones in the benchmarks we ran, the Tank still showed good flexibility in terms of software experience. In our limited experience, there was no noticeable lag or crashes. And if you want to play lighter games on the Tank, the gaming experience is not bad at all. In games like PUBG mobile, the phone can run consistently at smooth frame rates on medium graphics settings.


This time, Unihertz brings a new rugged smartphone with many high-end specifications.As a rugged phone, the Unihertz Tank far exceeded our expectations. In addition to being rugged, this phone often surprised us with other features without notice. This is definitely the most interesting rugged phone we’ve reviewed this year.

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