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What Are the Almost Perfect Doogee Rugged Phones?

DOOGEE is a smartphone brand that caters to the niche rugged segment of the market. Doogee continues to offer highly durable and stunning design Smartphones that are appealing to even the most demanding user. In October last year, it launched the world’s first infrared night vision rugged smartphone, the S96 Pro. The durable handset boasts the brand’s signature military-grade IP rating along with a large battery and memory specs. The new and impressive Doogee S86 features a massive 8500mAh battery that provides up to 4 days without charging and a stunning rugged design.

Now, rugged smartphone specialist DOOGEE is planning to unveil the S97 Pro, the world’s first such smartphone with a professional laser distance measurement function. The S97 Pro’s professional laser distance measurement function has multiple uses in various contexts. With it, users would be able to measure distances between objects or points on the field, measure the height of objects as big as trees and rocks, and more all done remotely, from a safe distance. It will be more convenient for home improvement, as well as for wilderness adventures DOOGEE hopes to innovate the rugged smartphone sector with the materialization of its unique ideas.

Doogee S88 Plus 10000mAh Battery 4G Rugged Phone

Original price was: USD $ 469.99.Current price is: USD $ 389.99.

Doogee: Build to Perfect 

  • Survival From Guns

As many of you will know, Doogee rugged phones are often subjected to the worst tortures, but this time some YouTubers went further to demonstrate how well-built these smartphones are: a really unusual resistance test with gun and bullets. And surprisingly, thanks to their very strong armor, they are able to face even this extreme test with much less damage than you would expect.

  • Support Dust & Water-Proof

Rugged phones are known for their strength and performance under extreme conditions and to prove that the Doogee S95 Pro may well be the reigning king of rugged phones this year, the company has shared some video of the test carried out on the phone. The Doogee S95 Pro has no problem with the Anti Mud Test, Anti Oil Paint Test, and Anti High Air Pressure Test. It seems that apart from its good design, the rugged phone’s abilities are intact.

  • IP68/IP69K Certifications

The Doogee rugged phones have no problem with the camera that can be used for taking photos and videos as usual. It seems that apart from its good design, its rugged abilities are intact. DOOGEE S90 is a truly rugged device certified by the IP68/IP69K certifications or the MIL-STD-810G standard so don’t worry about the sturdiness.

  • MIL-STD-810G Standard 

The MIL-STD-810G is a military standard developed in the United States but universally recognized as a test for rugged devices. The Chinese company has focused on the quality of its products: in addition to a careful choice of materials, each device of the brand is subjected to numerous tests before being marketed. This is especially true for “armored” smartphones that have to withstand the toughest “survival” tests. The new Doogee S70 and Doogee S80, for example, have been certified with military specifications (MIL-STD-810G), brilliantly overcoming resistance tests to any type of external, atmospheric or mechanical agent.


Doogee Series You Should Know

Although today’s smartphones stand out for their design, performance, and camera, resistance is their weak point. To overcome these problems, Doogee is committed to all-terrain smartphones with military rating, IP68/IP69K, and huge batteries, which ensure resistance to water, shocks, and autonomy in extreme conditions.

  •  S and V, Ultra-rugged, Ruggedized Smartphones

For this reason, Doogee phones are one of the most durable phones worldwide. Its S and V models are characterized by their reinforced casings and reinforced glass screens, guaranteeing greater protection against knocks and falls. In fact, the Doogee S series phones perfectly define the spirit of the brand: rugged phones that, without neglecting a sleek design, offer their users great performance and durability.

S Series: mostly, they are rugged phones and high-end products of Doogee. The most hot-selling models are S98, S97 Pro, S96 Pro, S88 Plus, S86 Pro as well as S59 Pro. In addition, they had great quality and wide use.

 V series: They are 5G Rugged smartphones with great configurations. For example V20, and V10. Doogee‘s rugged phones are characterized by their special features, from laser rangefinder to thermal imaging, they have it all. V10 came with an inbuilt infrared thermometer which comes in handy in this special time we are facing in the world. V20 decides to go flashy with a rear display. The display is 1.05’’ in size and is great for keeping up when your phone is on its face

  • X and N: Budget Price

X series: Their previous model the X series met with a positive response being praised as durable and reliable at an amazingly cheap price. They are looking to jump on that success with the DOOGEE X95 Pro, an upgraded version that boasts new designs and improved features. All models from the X series are also smartphones with a budget price. For example X96 pro, X93.

N series: The Doogee N series compete in a rather saturated market of mid-range smartphones where the specifications/price ratio is taken to its highest levels. They are the low-end mobile phone of Doogee which mostly cost little. The most hot-selling models are the N40 Pro, N20 Pro, and N30.


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