The AGM X2 Rugged Phone has VOC Detection, 6000mAh Battery, & More

The AGM X2 brings a combination of the best specs and the latest technology in rugged solutions. With features like volatile organic compound (VOC) detection being introduced for the first time in any smartphone, plus an insane 6000mAh battery, the AGM X2 is a game-changer in the rugged smartphone world.

Uncompromising Speed

When it comes to speed, the X2 sports a Qualcomm MSM8976SG and runs on 6GB of RAM. That gives the phone top-notch performance that you’ll really notice.

Groundbreaking VOC Detection

The AGM X2 is the first smartphone that supports VOC detection. This means you can use your phone to accurately detect if your indoor or outdoor environment is safe for your health as it relates to air quality. The AGM X2 is also the first rugged smartphone that packs RGB+Mono Dual Sony IMX386 rear cameras and an outstanding 16MP front camera. You can charge up the massive 6000mAh battery with the Qualcomm Quick charge technology and keep your AGM X2 powered for up to 50 hours of talk-time.

The phone is not only IP68 certified but also meet the highest USA military testing standards for protection against shock, water, dust, extreme temperatures and vibration.

These high end specs are really groundbreaking for a rugged phone. Companies have a habit of skipping out on decent specs when it comes to their rugged phones. That’s why AGM is really making something special here for those who need a phone for extreme environments. It even can measure temperature, barometric pressure, and humidity.



The AGM X2 is the world’s first phone to support VOC sensors. Always get a read on the safety of your environment.

You will not find a more durable phone than the AGM X2. With an IP68 certification, this phone is built for the most extreme conditions.


AGM X2 Specs
Display 5.5″ AMOLED FHD
Camera 12MP Dual Lens Sony IMX386
Durability IP68 certified / MIL-STD-810G
Battery 6000mAh Battery
Chipset Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ MSM8976SG
Storage 64/128GB


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